Always Tasty, Surprisingly Versatile: Lobster

When lobster is on the menu, look beyond the traditional clambakes and lobster rolls to something completely new and different.

People from far and wide come to Cape Cod and expect to eat lobster. Their expectations tend to fall into two categories, a lobster roll and a boiled lobster. Yes, some may even foray into the world of bisque, yet there is so much more to be done with this crustacean.

This shellfish, considered a luxury food (although it used to be more commonly given as food to servants and prisoners), can be prepared in plenty of unique and interesting ways. Here are some fascinating ways that area restaurants serve them up!

  1. Lobster Benedict: This one is for the crustacean lover that is also a fan of fine breakfast foods. A lot of breakfast places have their own take on this item, although it mostly appears on specials. The Keltic Kitchen in Yarmouth has it on their menu: “a half pound of claw and knuckle lobster meat, warmed in butter” with the eggs, english muffin, and hollandaise sauce.
  2. Lobster Mac’n’Cheese: This is another menu item that pops up in various restaurants all over the Cape that is worth a try. It combines comfort food with luxury and the result is delicious. Of course, everywhere has their own variant, but Chapin’s Restaurant has a real delicious one “creamy Italian cheese sauce loaded with lobster, penne and bacon, topped with seasoned bread crumbs.” Of course, Chapin’s also has a Lobster Alfredo, similar to the Mac’n’Cheese “a quarter pound of lobster meat sauteed in our Alfredo sauce served over fettuccine”. Another great lobster Mac’n’Cheese can be found at Anejo in Falmouth which features “fusilli pasta, fresh lobster, chorizo, Añejo queso sauce, jalapeño panko crust, chevre crumble.”
  3. Lobster quesadillas and enchiladas and taquitos (Mexican style lobster): Speaking of Anejo’s lobster Mac, the restaurant also serves up wonderful lobster enchiladas (entrée) and taquitos (appetizer). The Mexican spice is a nice change to the flavor of the lobster, normally served as a strictly boiled and buttered dish. Chapin’s also has a lobster quesadilla (as do several other restaurants, such as the Oyster Company in Dennisport [they also do a lobster mac]). The Chatham Bars Inn also does a plate of lobster nachos at their Beach House location. Pearl in Wellfleet also has a great lobster quesadilla with spinach and brie, as well as other delicious menu options.
  4. Lobster Pot Pie: This dish, found at Chapin’s, is an “in-house specialty made from scratch every day. Lobster meat and lobster sauce baked in a flaky pie crust and finished with a crisp Ritz cracker topping”. Some restaurants serve something similar to this and call it a “lazy man’s lobster”. All the spectacular flavor of lobster and none of the shell-cracking work. Mac’s Shack in Wellfleet also does a lazy lobster, although it is a bit different from the traditional with the addition of peas, parsnips, and mushrooms.
  5. Lobster Pizza: While other places may do this, the Ocean House in Dennisport does this extremely well. The pizza has lobster, asparagus, shitake mushrooms, oregano, roasted tomatoes, and mozzarella on it. Something different for lobster lovers with adventurous taste buds.
  6. Lobster Ravioli: This is another lobster dish that pops up on various menus all over Cape Cod. The Ocean House has a very nice one that comes with a champagne cream, oven roasted tomatoes, and spinach.
  7. Mosaic Shrimp, Chilled Lobster, and Mussel Salad: This dish comes courtesy of the Chatham Bars Inn and features “mosaic shrimp, mussel salad, chilled lobster, smoky Bloody Mary sauce, lemon confit, mignonette ribbon, living fennel salad”. Truly an unique menu item, this is on the CBI’s menu at their STARS restaurant.
  8. Lobster Flat Bread: Also a CBI offering, the lobster flat bread is made with lemon aioli, sunflower sprouts, and pickled red onion. This is an appetizer dish that is sure to whet appetites in the Sacred Cod at the CBI.
  9. Chilled Lobster Medallions: This fantastic dish can be found at the Beach House at the CBI. The medallions are paired with curry, avocado, citrus, and yuzu vinaigrette. The Beach House at the CBI has a whole section of their menu dedicated to lobster dishes, but this one stuck out the most.
  10. Lobster Sweet Pea Risotto: This dish is found at Scargo Café in Dennis (along with a few other lobster dishes). The plate is “fresh lobster meat served over sweet pea and parmesan risotto”. Again, lobster without the work, but with all the tastiness. The Mews in Provincetown also does a spectacular lobster risotto. The Mews also has a wonderful starter dish of lobster dumplings in a miso broth that  brings an asian flare to this Cape Cod dish. 

There are plenty of ways to do lobster and the more restaurants diners explore, the more they will find. Hopefully this list helps lobster lovers find new ways to enjoy the dish they love (and perhaps encourages some to try to concoct their own, unique lobster dishes).

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Mati Brown holds a Journalism degree from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. She has written for several publications, including the Berlin Reporter, EDGE publications, and the Falmouth and Mashpee Bulletins. A current resident of Brewster, she is glad to be writing about the area she grew up in.