Quickly & easily narrow your Cape Cod vacation home search with WNAV

Whether you like the bay or ocean beaches or freshwater ponds, WeNeedAVacation.com's power search will help you find the right rental. Chatham Lighthouse Beach, photo by Walter Brooks.

Visitors coming to Cape Cod usually have one goal: to get the vacation they need. So where can visitors who want to stay on the Cape in the comfort of a home or cottage go to find a rental? That's where WeNeedAVacation.com comes in.

WNAV has been providing reliable rental expertise to prospective vacationers to the Cape and Islands for 16 years and they currently offer 3,500 homes.

Becky Fischer of WNAV says that their Power Search feature offers vacationers the ability to really target their searches. "They LOVE this because it saves them so much time and enables them to find exactly what they're looking for in terms of proximity to beach[es] and popular amenities such as high-speed Internet, outdoor shower[s], or linens included, for example," says Fischer.

Fischer says that the website is uniquely positioned to help vacationers because they are big enough to be easily accessible worldwide, but locally focused enough to be able to gear their website specifically to the region, not only helping vacationers find a rental, but also helping them select activities and restaurants.

Fischer says that the most popular homes tend to be the larger homes on the water, but smaller cottages and condos are equally popular, particularly those that are either on or within walking distance to a beach. "The most popular homes tend to be those that present a light, airy, beachy feeling," says Fischer, with amenities such as air conditioning and Internet access also being popular.

The website offers rentals year-round. In the summer, rental costs can range anywhere from $700/week to $10,000/week, with the average 3-bedroom home costing $2,000/week. Most of the properties in the summer have a minimum stay requirement of 1 week, with some vacationers booking extra weeks, while in the "shoulder" and off-seasons, many homeowners are willing to let their homes out for a long weekend.

Fischer says the town that a vacationer picks all depends on preference, with some people going bayside, some preferring to be near the Atlantic, and still others wanting to be near freshwater (usually a more affordable option). All options easily narrowed down with the WeNeedAVacation.com Power Search.

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