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Shipwreck! Navy Submarine, S-19 Runs Aground on Nauset Bar in Eastham

On January 15, 1925, the Navy Submarine, S-19, went aground on Nauset Bar in Eastham. When the Coast Guard received notice, the crew could not... read more

Shipwreck! Stockholm sinks Andrea Doria off Chatham

Many will call it the shipwreck of the century. The proportionately small number of deaths may reduce the importance of the event... read more

Shipwreck! The Competitor

The British tramp steamer Competitor ran aground in dense fog at Eastham on April 13, 1923. The vessel was in no danger and seas were calm. The... read more

Cape Cod Houses

The first Cape Codders, sailors and fisherman, built their houses the same way they built their boats: simple, neat and watertight.... read more

The Cape Cod Canal

The idea of constructing a canal to connect Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod Bay was considered as early as 1632 by Miles Standish of Plymouth Colony... read more

Mooncussers of Cape Cod

Rumor has it that during the 18th and 19th centuries, one word filled the hearts of sailors with dread and brought them to their knees in prayer:... read more

What's Your Cape Cod IQ?

Test your Cape Cod knowledge:

How big is your Cape Cod brain? Is it the size of a whale, a striped bass or a herring?... read more

The Codfishes & Mrs. Jazz Garters

Editor's Note: For years, members of the Portuguese community have adopted nicknames for one another. This old, mysterious... read more

Shipwreck! The Argo Merchant

In the photo below, news photographers aboard a United States Coast Guard helicopter snap shots of the wreck of the Argo Merchant off Nantucket in... read more

Six Fun History Stops on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is an area rich in history. From its earliest days as an epicenter of Wampanoag and Nauset culture and the site of one of the first... read more