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The Codfishes & Mrs. Jazz Garters

Editor's Note: For years, members of the Portuguese community have adopted nicknames for one another. This old, mysterious... read more

Shipwreck! The Argo Merchant

In the photo below, news photographers aboard a United States Coast Guard helicopter snap shots of the wreck of the Argo Merchant off Nantucket in... read more

Six Fun History Stops on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is an area rich in history. From its earliest days as an epicenter of Wampanoag and Nauset culture and the site of one of the first... read more

Four Tips for First-Time Birders

Cape Cod has everything for an outdoorsy vacation—pristine beaches, abundant fishing and boating, and miles of trails for hiking and cycling. The... read more

P-Town Dune Shack Applications Available

The Provincetown Community Compact offers stays in two historic dune shacks, ... read more

Head to Woods Hole for a day of ocean discovery

Vacations are for unplugging, but if you want to keep your noggin in tip-top shape during your Cape Cod stay head to Woods Hole. 

Woods... read more

Four places to catch a ferry to the islands

If you are staying on Cape Cod and considering a day trip to Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard, there are a few options when it comes to getting... read more

Five fun things to do in October on Cape Cod

If fall is your cup of tea--head down to the Cape for some autumn fun. The days are still bright, but you'll need a jacket or sweater to ward off... read more

Harbor hop: Tour Cape Cod along the shore

The Cape's many harbors are bustling with activity all throughout the year. Whether you are hopping on a ferry, chartering a fishing boat or... read more

Writers on the nature of Cape Cod

Cape Cod has had more than its fair share of creative authors and poets paying homage to our little peninsula. Visitors and locals alike have been... read more